Dillon Lareau

Electrical and computer engineer, maker, and general nerd.

Blog Introduction

17 May 2017

I guess its time to start this back up again.

It has been roughly 3 years since the last time I decided starting a blog was a good idea, and roughly 8 since the time before that. I’ve always felt that a blog would be a great place to show off the projects I’m undertaking as well as a place to have all of my thoughts on a project in one place. Unfortunately, turns out maintaining a blog requires both time and effort, things that I didn’t have a lot of during my time as a student. (More appropriately, things I continually thought I had a lot of and then always fell short on.) Given that I don’t have a link to either of those previously mentioned efforts, you can probably tell that I made one or two posts to both of them and then they fell into disuse.

I have come to a new point in my life though. I am out of school finally, about to graduate this weekend, and just drowning in free time. I know that as work starts up in a month or two that I’ll go back to not having as much free time, but my hope is that by then I’ll have made this a habit. My goal for this blog is that for at least the next few years, I want to post to this blog at least once every month. When projects are going I imagine that the rate will be a good bit higher than that, but I want this to be something I can look back on, and 12 posts a year is something I feel would give that. I also chose one post per month as a minimum because I don’t know for sure that I could keep a promise of 2 posts per month and I want to make this a hard rule.

What will this blog contain? I’m glad you asked. If I had to guess, a few years from now, this blog will probably be 60% posts about projects, how they are going, and whatever I’m currently struggling on. The next 30% will just be interesting life events that happened to me, like I probably would have made a post about the Washington Post hunt, getting a job, and I might still make one about graduation. The last 10% is probably just going to be me rambling about some topics that I feel particularly vocal about that day, stuff I just want to air out. I could be totally wrong in these predictions, but who cares, its my blog.

Well, you’ve read this far, so obviously you either care about me or what I have to say, and for that, thank you. I hope you enjoy whatever this becomes.

- Dillon